Quick Review – Motoz Euro Enduro 6 Tyres

It fits!
I recently tried the Motoz Euro Enduro 6 tyre in a 140/80-18 in the rear paired up with Motoz Euro Enduro 6 in 90/90-21 for the front on my KTM 790 Adventure R.

For the KTM Ultimate Race at Stroud NSW I wanted to try some tyres that were more aggressive and off-road orientated. Sadly, I wasn’t competing in the KTM Ultimate Race but I was sweeping for the guys competing so I got to ride the awesome enduro loop the Transmoto team had laid out.

I was interested to see how this full knobby tyre would fit and work on the KTM 790 and I was impressed. This was fitted to the standard 4.5 inch wide rear rim so really the tyre is too small for the rim and maybe you can see how straight the sidewalls are. It is a tube type tyre so I fitted a Motoz offset-valve tube which works well with the KTM rims.

Performance wise the tyres were impressive. The 18km course was a flowing enduro track which was mostly 1st gear with only a few sections where you could click 2nd gear. Tight! Conditions were dry. They hooked up really well up the hills in the loose rocky stuff. They gave good bite to wheelie over logs. I did have a couple of front end loses with crashes in slow corners but these were really off camber corners and I was pushing it. Feedback was consistent.

The carcass isn’t anywhere near as heavy duty as the Motoz Rallz tyres I normally run so they are a lot lighter but flip side is they are likely to be more susceptible to punctures.

I haven’t used them on bitumen yet so they could be a bit squirrely on the black stuff. I will run them over the next couple of weeks leading up to our Maschine Adventure Rally 2019 so it will be interesting to see how they wear. If I get 1,500-2,000km out of them I will be happy!

I have used these tyres on a Husqvarna 701 and got about 2,000km life out of them so hopefully on 790 will be similar.

Pricing is great at only $129.95 AUD for the rear and $89.95 for the front so at that rate even if I only get half the mileage compared to my go-to Rallz tyres they still end being great value for money. Only problem is I may end up changing my tyres more often than my undies!

Bare in mind these tyres are load/speed rated as 70 R for the rear and 54 R for the front which is the same speed rating as the standard Karoo tyres. There may be legalities or insurance issues around using them on your bike model though so do your own homework!

One thing that continues to impress me with the KTM 790 Adventure is how much the character of the bike can change. Strip it down, put some knobbies on it, stick it in full Rally beast mode and it can cut through the enduro single track no problem. Load it up with luggage, put some more road oriented tyres on and run it in Street mode and I will happily ride it through multiple countries (as we did in Europe) on the highways and back roads. The 790’s character is so adaptable to the rider or situation. Awesome!

You can order Motoz tyres through their website or contact us if you would like to order through Team Maschine.