Sand Riding Bootcamp – Deniliquin NSW

28 & 29 November 2015

We completed our first Sand Riding Bootcamp training ride on the weekend from Echuca to Deniliquin. We all had a great weekend and some of the group said they felt way more comfortable in the soft stuff after completing the course which was the goal for many.

The variety of terrain was fantastic and because the format for the weekend was a trail ride incorporating training drills throughout the day. This meant that everyone got a ‘real world’ riding experience whilst having the expert there to assist with coaching them along the way. Of course there were a few oopsies in the sand but nothing serious.

On the first day we looked at the principles of riding in the sand and before we even got to morning tea we were thrown a short sandy section for us to all try out. After a great morning tea spread from our Maschine support crew by the banks of the Murray River, we headed up into the sand hills near Deniliquin to run a circuit of different drills before we finished out the day at an old motocross track in a sand quarry.

Lots of fun was had practicing brake slide exercises and turns. A few of us even cut a few laps of the motocross track! That night, we enjoyed an awesome steak at a pub in Deni washed down with a few refreshing ales.

The next morning we started off the day with a recap of the previous day and what we were doing that day. We also had a brief chat about first aid on the track and a demonstration of safe helmet removal for injured riders which everyone enjoyed.

We headed back out to the motocross track practicing riding steep downhill ruts and more braking drills before trail riding out to morning tea. This time at another riverside location with big redgums surrounding us. It was a good opportunity to get a group photo and enjoy a cuppa.

We then got back on the bikes and did another trail ride out to some more sand hills, this time with some heavier sand tracks to practice in. Nick also covered off retrieving a bike out of a bog situation and getting going again in deep sand from a standstill. For this drill we used a hill climb just for extra fun! For the guys that gave it a go, it was a good skill to learn, whilst for the remainder of the group they got to enjoy the show!

We finished up the weekend with a trail ride back to Echuca to meet the support vehicle and pick up our luggage and begin the journey back home.

Thanks to everyone who attended on the weekend, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did hosting you.

Our next courses coming up are in NSW on 9-10 January and QLD on 16-17 April. You’ll find the details on our online store at store.maschine.com.au

To view all of the photos/video from the weekend, head to our media gallery http://maschine.smugmug.com/Sand-Riding-VIC

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