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TransTerra 2018 – Southern High

21-26 Oct 2018
Jervis Bay, NSW to Inverloch, VIC

End your riding year on a definite high!

The final TransTerra ride for the year is coming this October. From the spectacular Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast to finish at Inverloch in Victoria, ready to go for a monster weekend at the MotoGP in Phillip Island.

This will be an action packed ride, and if you are keen to stay on, top it all off with the weekend at MotoGP.

We will have easy and hard routes available, depending on your appetite each day. With the easy route making it achievable for even novice riders.


Maschine’s very first TransTerra ride explored the South Coast region of NSW and in 2018 we are going back! We’ve got great memories of Deua National Park with it’s gorgeous clear running rivers flowing over rocks with roads running alongside them and hills that are a blast to ride.

Our ride will start near the pretty seaside village of Jervis Bay, reputed to have the whitest beach sand in the world. In amongst the inland hills are some of the most fun tracks with loamy soils just so fit for roosting around. There’s some sneaky forest tracks in there that can get overgrown so they are almost single track width and but perfect for adventure bikes to explore in our harder Enduro options.

Heading down the South Coast we will pass by a few seaside villages such as Batemans Bay, Bermagui & Merimbula. Pebbly Beach is a unique spot we may pay a visit to. Seeing kangaroos on the beach and in the surf is a unique sight and quintessentially Australian.

By day three we will be getting closer to the border and we head up into the High Country of NSW and Victoria. Featuring some big hills, which provide some solid riding challenges for those that take the Enduro options, with great views over a rolling landscape of tree covered mountain ranges. It is adventure riding nirvana.

We will make one of our overnight stops near the Victorian coast at Lakes Entrance which lies on the shores of the vast Gippsland coastal lake system. Gippsland is a region of Victoria that is nestled in the foothills of the High Country and our route will take us through some of our favourite riding country. We will explore almost the full length of Grand Ridge Road with it’s endlessly twisty roads, massive tree ferns and deep dark gullies that seem to never to see the light of day.

To cap off an awesome week of riding we finish up at Inverloch, a short ride from Phillip Island, just in time for the excitement of MotoGP racing weekend.


This is a question we get asked all the time!

We are designing this ride to suit a wide range of adventure riders.  If you have spent some time riding off-road on gravel roads you should be capable of completing this ride.  We take great care in planning the routes to make them achievable for the average rider but still interesting to ride with plenty to capture your heart along the way.  If you don’t have much off-road riding experience you might find yourself out of your comfort zone a few times but we can help you get through this.  That’s the great thing about doing a group ride like ours, there is always someone there to help you or have a laugh with when you stuff up, it’s all part of the experience 😉

But getting back to the original question….We have a track grading system that we use to give each day’s route a score.  This score provides you with a gauge as to the difficulty and the types of terrain you’ll encounter on the day.  This will be thoroughly explained during our rider briefings which occur every night before dinner.  There’s also opportunities to ask questions during this time, and if you feel like some sections might be a bit much for you, we can generally provide an easier option taking the main road/track to link you back up to the route.

Our lead riders also put up arrows at each of the turns helping you with navigation.  This is handy, because sometimes those pesky GPS’s decide all on their own where to go, or the route may have to change during the day because a tree might have gone down, or there could be road closures, etc.  So the first rule is always follow the arrows!

If you think your skills aren’t quite up to scratch then check out our range of rider training courses to help prepare you for your ride.

Of course weather can play a major role on our riding experience so we plan a few bug out options to get you back on bitumen if it all becomes a bit ugly!

To spice things up a little bit for the more advanced riders we typically also include a few “hard” enduro route options that will throw you at some of the more challenging hills and river crossings.

As with all of our TransTerra rides it is open to all brands of adventure bikes.  You need to have a fuel range of around 300km but many of the refuel intervals will be less than that so most bikes will do the distance no problem.

The total trip will cover between 1,000-1,500km with daily distances ranging from around 250 – 350km.

Check out the pics and videos from our past events here


We all appreciate a great meal and a warm bed at the end of a good days ride.  Maschine look after all of this for you. We carefully choose the accommodation for each night and book a bed for you, whether it’s shared or single accommodation.

A hallmark of Maschine events is the social get together each night for our riders briefing where we lay out the plan for the following day.  We get together to share a drink or three, a meal and good times with your new found riding buddies.  You are virtually guaranteed to have an awesome time.

We’re restricting the ride to 100 places, as we know this ride will be popular.


As usual you will be supported all the way by our top notch Maschine support crew including:

  • Technical Support
  • Tyre Support
  • Medical Support
  • Luggage Support
  • Rider Training

We have assembled a crack team of people that have worked with us on many events in the past and are the right sort of people to help you out when you need it. What’s more we try to anticipate your needs so the support is almost invisible.

We carry your overnight gear in our support vehicle each day so you can ride nice and light and enjoy the freedom!  Your bag will be waiting for you at the end of each day at our overnight destination.

Something unique you will only find on Maschine rides is on-trail rider training.  We believe the real world is one of the best theatres for riders short comings to be highlighted and to learn new skills.  We offer half-day sessions where you can book in to have Nick Selleck or one of our qualified riding coaches to follow you on the trails and provide real world feedback on how you can improve your riding ability.

We utilise technology like bluetooth helmet communications and video to record your riding for later review. How often have you wished you had a gun rider on your shoulder giving you feedback on how to improve your technique?  See details below.


What do you get?

Well to start with, the guarantee that you’ll have a great 5 full days of riding with some awesome new mates and tracks that are going to make you want more!

Because maschine rides are fully supported, we include carrying your bags for you so you can ride light during the day, a tech support guy on bike to help you out with any mechanical issues you may have along the way.  A sweep vehicle so if the worst happens and your bike breaks down, we can get you to the next overnight stop and help you work out a plan to get you and your bike home.

Apart from the riding itself, we’ve included 2 different levels of accommodation to suit your needs.  Each one includes 6 nights of 3.5-4.5 star accommodation, along with 6 x dinners and 5 x breakfasts over the 6 nights/5 days.


It goes without saying we want to you to join us again next year.  However, wouldn’t it be even better to enjoy it with your mates?

We’ve got an extra bonus for you when booking as a group. When you book as a group of 3 or more, we’ll apply a $50 store credit to your account free for you to use for your next maschine adventure tour or training course.

  • Groups of 3-6 riders – $50 store credit each
  • Groups of 7 or more – call us for a deal!

*When booking, riders must include their group leader’s name in comments field on our checkout page at time of booking.  Store credit will be applied to your account after the event in November 2018.


Does this sound familiar?

You’ve gone along to a standard adventure riding training course, then by the time you go for a ride you’ve forgotten what you learnt?

How much better would it be to learn while you’re out on the trail? Great, right?

As an exclusive addition to this year’s adventure ride, we’re providing you the opportunity to book in a half day, on-trail rider coaching session.  Also included in the $145 session is a complimentary pre-ride phone consultation to determine what you want to get out of the training session as well as the coach filming you whilst you ride to provide you with post session feedback that night.

It’s a small group (up to 5) where you’ll receive lots of personal attention and work on the things you want to work on.

Think of it like having a personal trainer spot you at the gym (without the sit-ups).

So let us ask you this:

  • Do you have any bad habits you need help breaking out of?
  • Do you want to learn how to corner better in the dirt?
  • Are there any riding surfaces or obstacles that are your nemesis?
  • Or maybe you just would like Nick to watch you ride and give you feedback on your technique and how you can improve. The best part at the end of the session, you’ll be able to put your newfound skills straight into practice right there on the trail during the ride.

Remember, our personalised on-trail training is exclusive to riders on the 2017 TransTerra – Southern High ride.  To be eligible, you must book in for the ride. This offer is not available separately.

An unbeatable package – 5 days riding and coaching all in one week!

It’s only $145 for each ½ day (4hr) block you book in for.  You can book several blocks (up to 5) as you like throughout the week.


Would you love to come along to our TransTerra – Southern High but can’t afford the time to ride there and back?

Why not freight your bike and fIy in/fly out (FIFO).  Drop it off at your local bike dealer and we will make the arrangements to take care of your bike.

Delivery to Wollongong is the closest airport to the start of the ride.

Melbourne is the closest major airport to the finish.

If freighting your bike interests you, please contact us for a quote.


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