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Hill Attack Masterclass

Sun 6 Oct – Broadford, VIC


Do downhills freak you out? Do you suck at climbing? You’re not alone! Whether it’s up or down many riders are challenged by hills. Our new course will give you a day of skills training and valuable information to put into practice to conquer most hills out there.

Hills are often the nemesis of many riders. Whether it’s going up or coming down, it’s largely a mind game. Like so many aspects of motorcycling. Having the confidence to overcome that obstacle is half the battle.

To learn the skills and techniques of climbing and descending hills will help give you the confidence to tackle them with ease and enjoy your riding more. Our training day will progress your skills and look at all variations of sloped terrain; rocky, loose, off-camber, rutted, erosion banks, steps and drop offs. Enjoy a small group training with plenty of help at hand.


Our curriculum will progress throughout the day with plenty of opportunity for riders to build both skills and confidence. A planned series of drills will cover all of the bike control skills required to help you ascend and descend with control.

  • Body position and bike set up
  • Clutch control
  • Brake control – keep those wheels turning and control your descent
  • Throttle control
  • Finding traction
  • Clutch starts uphill – learn when to ease it out and when to get aggressive
  • Erosion banks (“Whoa Boys” for Queenslanders!) – using them for managing your momentum
  • Hill recovery – how to turn around safely when you don’t make it up
  • Bull dogging your bike down gnarly hills
  • Drop offs – how to avoid that trip over the ‘bars
  • Off camber corners – how to hold your line
  • Switchback corners – driving up and turning down hills
  • Can electronic rider aids help or hinder? ABS and Traction Control can be fantastic rider aids if you know how to maximise their potential.
  • Mental approach – what’s the worst that can happen? What’s your escape plan?

Who Is This Course Aimed At?

This course is designed to suit adventure or enduro bike riders from intermediate to advanced level. Beginner riders will get benefit from the morning skills sessions but may find themselves out of their comfort zone in the afternoon. We will do our best to manage the group during the training drills to provide progression while still keeping riders safe.

The course is designed to progress beyond Core Level 1 fundamental techniques into more advanced riding techniques with a higher level of bike control. Even if you have many years experience this course will help make correct any bad habits that may have developed or provide exposure to different terrain types that you may not have had exposure to.

Most riders on Maschine training courses ride larger capacity multi-cylinder or single-cylinder adventure bikes but equally if you have a smaller enduro bike you will get benefit from this course. Regardless of the brand or model of adventure or enduro bike you ride Maschine can help you get more out of your bike riding experience.

About Your Instructors

Our lead coach for this course will be Maschine’s own Nick Selleck.He is a Motorcycling Australia Level 1 accredited coach and has been riding off-road for 40 years.  He takes pride in being a smooth, safe and consistent rider. Nick has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share when it comes to off-road riding. Nick grew up riding off-road and after several years competing in Motocross, Enduro and Supermotard he has spent the last 8 years planning and organising adventure tours.

His experience in adventure riding over the past 8 years includes exploring the iconic regions of; Victorian High Country, Tasmania, Flinders Ranges, Corner Country and Birdsville, researching and retracing the Burke & Wills expedition route – Melbourne to Karumba, Tanami Track, Kimberley region including Gibb River Road, Arnhem Land, Savannah Way and Gulf Country and exploring the length of the Great Dividing Range amongst others. Throughout most of these trips he has shared them with many riders so has not only learnt from his own experience but noted the challenges other riders have faced.

It would be fair to say few riders in Australia could claim to have such a broad knowledge of riding and managing motorcycle tours in as many regions as Nick Selleck. Others may have more intimate knowledge of specific regions but few could match Nick’s spread of knowledge. This all adds to Nick’s ability to relate to riders challenges and help create a path for them to improve their riding skill.

Where additional coaches are required for courses we choose to work with the best of the best. Coaches are chosen not only for their riding skill but also their personality to ensure they can explain often complex riding techniques which can add valuable input to the training courses.


This is a 1 day course running from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

We will take several breaks during the day to manage rider fatigue and concentration across the day.

Locations / Dates / Times

Sun 17 Mar – Mansfield, VIC

Sat 11 May – Watagans, NSW

Sun 6 Oct – Broadford, VIC


Each event may very slightly but generally we will ask you to arrive by 8.30am on the morning for sign in/rider briefing.

Training will continue throughout each day and we will aim to have the course wrapped up by 4.30pm in the afternoon so you can make your way home.

Pricing & Inclusions

This one day masterclass is $450.

Included in the course cost is:

  • 1 day of riding tuition
  • Welcome coffee, morning tea, lunch, afternoon refreshment included
  • Any track, forest or beach access permits included
  • A t-shirt and completion certificate
  • Course notes
  • Photos and videos from the course which are free to download and keep

Individuals will be responsible for their own bike, riding gear, fuel and any incidentals.

Bike Preparation

Each rider will use their own motorcycle for the course and as far as bike prep goes you should address these points:

  • Knobby style adventure tyres are best to get the most out of the course. We use and recommend Motoz Adventure tyres. Other brands like Continental TKC80, Metzler Karoo 3 etc. are OK but don’t provide the same awesome life and grip as Motoz tyres 😉  Road trail tyres will really limit your ability to get the most out of our course – particularly if it is wet.
  • We recommend removing any panniers, top boxes, tank bags for the riding each day. You can ride to the venue with them on and leave them with our vehicle during training.
  • Barkbuster style hand guards will give good protection for your levers. Don’t stress if you don’t have them but they could save you from breaking a hand lever.
  • You need to be able to reach your rear brake lever comfortably while standing on the bike so make sure you can do this.  We will run through bike set up on the day but often riders need to buy accessory rear brake levers or tips so look into this if you can’t reach your rear brake comfortably while standing.

Riding Gear Preparation

Riding gear wise we expect you to wear your full protective kit you would normally wear on a ride:

  • Motocross boots are better than road or soft Adventure style boots.  You need boots with good ankle/shin protection. Nick wears Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro.
  • Adventure or Motocross helmets are better than Road helmets. They provide better airflow at slower speeds than Road helmets. Nick wears Alpinestars S-M10 helmet.
  • For some low speed training drills a motocross jersey is OK but body armour or pants and jackets with armour should be worn for most of the day. Nick wears Alpinestars adventure gear.
  • Of course gloves, eye protection and usual safety gear should be worn too.


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