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Cornering Skills Masterclass

13 Oct 2018 – Belanglo State Forest, NSW – SOLD

20 Oct 2018 – ACT Motorcycle Club, Canberra ACT – ENTER HERE

3 Nov 2018 – Mick Doohan Raceway, Brisbane QLD  – ENTER HERE

As motorcycle riders we spend a lot of time going around corners.  We have found many adventure riders have not truly got a grasp on cornering in the dirt and how to make their bikes turn the way they want them to, or how to go faster and remain fully in control. Many riders would love to be able to get that sweet feeling of drifting in and out of corners smoothly, but that is getting way out of their comfort zone.

The technique required to corner effectively on big adventure bikes is a mix of Road and MX / Enduro skills and many riders struggle to learn the key. This is especially true for riders with a road riding background as some of the techniques are virtually the opposite.

Maschine’s one day cornering skills masterclass course is designed to work on the finer points of technique required to corner smoothly & safely off-road with absolute control. Our goal is to have each rider feeling confident to drift around corners by the end of the day and leave equipped with the knowledge of how to continue refining their technique.




13 Oct 2018 – Belanglo State Forest, NSW – SOLD


20 Oct 2018 – ACT Motorcycle Club, Canberra ACT – ENTER HERE


3 Nov 2018 – Mick Doohan Raceway, Brisbane QLD  – ENTER HERE




8.00am for an 8:30 start.  Completion will be around 4:30-5.00pm


$450 for one day course
Lunch and refreshments are provided during the day.


The curriculum for the day will include:

  • Explanation of different cornering styles – sitting down MX / Enduro style, seated road riding style and most importantly standing adventure style. Pros & Cons of each technique and where you should use each style.
  • Using peg weighting to make the big bikes turn. Using peg weighting to control slides.
  • Vision – understanding target fixation and using it to advantage.
  • Line selection in various scenarios. Wide entry for a tight exit.
  • Flow – how to maintain a nice flow through rough trail sections and using the terrain to help you turn.
  • Braking drills – Hard “emergency” stops, front & rear wheel lock ups, smooth braking in corners, dragging the rear brake to settle the bike. 
  • Detection of threshold of traction – what are the initial signs of losing traction at either end?
  • Using the clutch to modulate engine braking & drive into and out of corners.
  • Throttle control techniques & drills.
  • How to make the most of a bad situation. Crash avoidance when you overcook it into a corner.
  • Understanding your bikes electronic Traction Control & ABS – when it can help and when it can hinder.

The course is designed for intermediate level adventure riders that have some solid skills but are looking to take their cornering to the next level. 

As with all Maschine training courses we capture videos and photos during the day that get posted on our website for you to review yourself later and critique your own style.

This course is your chance to develop your skills and show up your mates as you make time on them around every bend. Or perhaps you just want to feel more comfortable and be smooth around the bends to ultimately be a safer rider in all situations.

Your coach for this course will be Maschine’s Nick Selleck who will be assisted by other highly experienced coaches depending on location.

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