Garmin releases new Zumo 595LM and 355LM

Garmin has just recently announced two new updated models – the 595LM and 395LM.

These new models appear to be essentially the same hardware as the 590LM and 390LM respectively but now come with a couple of extra key features:

  • Dual orientation touchscreen means you can position the GPS in either landscape or portrait position on your bike.
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing finds curvy or hilly roads; limits major highways
  • Rider alerts for sharp curves, state helmet laws, speed cameras and more
  • Bluetooth for hands-free calling and smartphone notifications right on your zūmo screen
  • Control music from MP3 player or smartphone; stream Pandora and Spotify music services


The biggest update in my opinion is that they now offer a preference for routing called “Adventurous Routing” mode. This will basically allow you to rely on the GPS to create a more interesting route for motorcyclists that takes in with more of the stuff that we do like to ride like Curves or Hills and less of the things we tend to use like Motorways.

I have heard a few people comment to me in past “Why can’t the GPS just give me a good interesting route to follow?” Well, now maybe it can.

Price wise they are listed as basically being $100 more than previous models they are based on.

Read more info about these two models here:



Garmin zumo 595LM